Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked on this page. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or use the “Ask The Expert” feature of this website to ask any questions that you may have.

What Type Of Services Do You Provide

Our Automotive Service Excellence Certified Team provide complete diagnostics and repair services for almost any make of car, truck, or RV. We have specialized equipment and facilities designed for RVs and/or heavy duty trucks that are not available elsewhere in the Gainesville Area. In essence, we provide any automotive services needed with the exception of body work and exterior painting. Should you need a recommendation for a body or paint shop, please call.

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Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

No appointment is necessary if your vehicle needs an expert oil change, lubrication, or tire rotation. In most cases, you will be in and out in less than 30 minutes. We do accept appointments that can be made via the telephone or right here on the website. Whatever is easiest for you. We can pick you up and drop you off or pick up your vehicle from just about any Gainesville location. Our goal is to alleviate the hassle of having work performed on your vehicle.

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Can You Drop Me Off And Pick Me Up?

Yes. We can drop you off and pick you up from most any Gainesville location. Alternatively, we can arrange to pick up your vehicle from your home or work and return it when the work is finished (a small fee may apply). Whatever is easiest for you.

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Can I Wait While My Vehicle Is Being Serviced?

The Archer Road location has a comfortable waiting area with FREE Wireless Internet Service, desktop work areas, and a television. Soft drinks are available in the waiting area (for a nominal fee) or you can walk across the street an enjoy a lunch or snack at Beef O’Bradys. The waiting area at the Newberry location has limited seating.

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Can You Work On RVs?

Yes, we are one of a handful of shops that has the ability to work on RVs and other long and wide wheel base vehicles at the Archer Road Shop location. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in specialty tools and equipment to serve you. Come on down and take a tour of our facility or send us a question (Ask the Expert) if you have a specific concern or issue to resolve.

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What Do You Mean By “Rework”?

Have you ever taken your vehicle to a repair shop with a specific complaint to be fixed…then driven home and found the problem has not been fixed? That means you have to return the vehicle and have the work repeated or redone….this is what is meant by “Rework.” Rework means you have at least twice the hassle, you have to go back AGAIN, you may have to PAY more, and you have to give up your valuable TIME because something was not fixed right the first time. At Terry’s Automotive And Qwik Lube, the frequency of rework is less than 3%. A recent national study showed the industry average for rework is at least 10 times worse…about 40%.

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What Do You Mean By An Expert Oil Change?

Routine changing of a vehicle’s oil and replacing the oil filter is probably the MOST important maintenance for any vehicle. Unfortunately, some national chains have chosen to focus on speed and attempted to increase profitability by using inexperienced or limited experience personnel to do these tasks. That’s one of the reasons why you may have heard about people experiencing problems…the wrong filter, the wrong quantity of oil, or worse…no oil at all. We use highly experienced personnel for our oil changes, these are individuals that do more than just unscrew the filter and fill up the oil. They are experts that can recognize potential issues early to save you money down the road. They are looking at the engine to inspect for leaks, checking wiring, inspecting seals, and more…looking for subtle indications that could save you thousands of dollars with early detection. They don’t hurry, but they are efficient and we use a checklist to ensure there are NO mistakes…PERIOD.

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What Makes Your Business Better Than The Competition?

We know taking time out of your busy schedule to have work done on a vehicle can be a real inconvenience. That’s why we focus on making the process as painless and efficient as possible. More Than 97% of our repair and service jobs are done right the very first time, compared to an industry average that is about 60%. That means we are more than 10 times better than average and that saves you time and hassle for rework. More than 98% of our repairs are completed ahead of schedule or on-time…that means no unplanned waiting. We also give you a cost estimate that is never exceeded…period. These are just a few of the 7 key points that makes us different. Please click on the “Complete Services” button to see the others. You can even read the testimonials and see the letters and cards from our customers. There is a reason why they keep coming back and have rated our service #1 in Gainesville.

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Does Your Work Affect My Car’s Warranty?

No, because our personnel work in accordance with factory requirements and protocols. Just like the dealers, our personnel have the prequisite certifications and access to the SAME data provided the dealerships to do the work.

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